News: GoPhillyGo Wins GDUSA's Health + Wellness Award

Warkulwiz Design Associates wins a GDUSA's Health + Wellness Award for GoPhillyGo. GoPhillyGo, a program of Clean Air Council, is a mapping website that provides you point to point directions, but also promotes traveling without the use of the car. Using state of the art mapping technology, the website allows you to plan a multimodal trip, combining walking, biking, and public transportation to get around the Greater Philadelphia region. The website also allows you to customize your trip based on your needs, so you are able to choose a faster route that is more direct or a safer route that includes more bike lanes. Check us out on GDUSA's gallery of winners and try GoPhillyGo! 

Link to winner's gallery:

GoPhillyGo Wins GDUSA's Health + Wellness Award